Optimize Performance

Elite athletes know that
mental preparation is key.

Reulay for Sports

Let Reulay add to your mental preparation by helping you downshift when you need it, and also guide you to your deepest psychological strength

Mayo Clinic study demonstrated that Reulay improves focus.

Focus is key to any game. “Keep your eye on the ball” is not said for no reason. The moment you take your eye off of it, someone else takes over. Reulay will help you restore your focus whenever you need it.

Study demonstrated Reulay reduces anxiety and emotional distress.

Sometimes you’re anxious before the game or perhaps at halftime. We advise you NOT to Reulay if you’re up because it may break your momentum. But if you’re down or distressed, Reulay is your friend.

A recent meta-analysis showed that sport psychology matters.

Cohesion, confidence, and mindfulness are key to success. Reulay is designed to help all three key aspects of sport psychology.

Subscription Benefits
Self-Authored Journeys

There are customized journeys that Reulay’s world-class experts have designed for self-paced learning.

Possibility Journey

Possibility thinking is not just a wish or hope. It’s a way of engaging your brain so that it comes up with answers that your logical brain could not.

High Performance Journey

Learn about how to build confidence, about how to overcome fears, and about how to stay calm when uncertainty and volatility thwart your life.

Personalized for you


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Finally there is a mental health therapeutic that athletes can immerse themselves in to reduce the stress and anxiety of the game while improving focus and enhancing performance.

Manny G. Romero PhD, ATC
Athletic Trainer NBA
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