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The first on-demand, personalized mental performance platform.

Reulay takes a brain-based approach by targeting symptom clusters matched to unique user features and brain regions so that each experience will be matched to the user's needs.

  1. Helps you Calm Down
  2. Relieves Worry
  3. Improves Focus
  4. Relaxes Body
  5. Relieves Feeling of Trappedness
  6. Enhances a sense of Possibility
  7. Enhances a sense of Awe
Our study, conducted at Mayo Clinic, demonstrated a statistically significant enhancement of focus, and reductions in anxiety and emotional distress when the Reulay platform was used 3x a week.

Essential for winners

Reulay was used by the Top NCAA women’s team in 2022.

Find Reulay Useful


More than 7 out of 8 people in a recent study said that Reulay was useful for immediate stress relief.

Felt Relaxed


Almost all people felt relaxed after using Reulay.

Science-Based VR

Each category of our guided experiences through nature is based on the science of anxiety.

Not One Size Fits All

The Reulay recommendations are personalized for you.

Self-authored Journeys

There are customized journeys that Reulay’s world-class experts have designed for self-paced learning.

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