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Multi-platform mental
well-being solution

A brain-based approach to mental health therapy and wellbeing.

Reulay has designed a state-of-the-art system that you can trust to lower your stress. It's backed by research, experience-driven, personalized, and proven.

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Feel better, on demand
Feel better, on demand
Research-backed experiences designed to reduce stress and increase focus, instantly.
AI-driven recommendation engine with 76% effectiveness.

Treatment Categories

Reduce Worry
Feel Inspired
Feel Relieved
Feel Calmer
Reduce Tension
Increase Focus
A brain-based approach to stress and anxiety.
Connect with virtual care providers
Connect with virtual care providers
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Data-driven results
Data-driven results
Track your usage, efficacy, and improvement over time.

How it Works

Step 01

Measure your mental state

Leveraging Reulay’s Mobile App to gather a baseline of your current mental form.

Step 02

Data-driven recommendation

Reulay’s algorithm matches your mind state to an on-demand, brain-based experience.

Step 03

On-demand therapy

Research-backed experiences are consumed across mobile, Smart TVs, Desktop or VR.

Step 04

Measure your progress

User analytics to understand efficacy and improvement.

Subscription Benefits
Self-Authored Journeys

There are customized journeys that Reulay’s world-class experts have designed for self-paced learning.

Possibility Journey

Possibility thinking is not just a wish or hope. It’s a way of engaging your brain so that it comes up with answers that your logical brain could not.

High Performance Journey

Learn about how to build confidence, about how to overcome fears, and about how to stay calm when uncertainty and volatility thwart your life.

What our customers are saying

Finally there is a mental health therapeutic that athletes can immerse themselves in to reduce the stress and anxiety of the game while improving focus and enhancing performance.

Manny G. Romero PhD, ATC
Athletic Trainer NBA
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